Welcome to the Doubtless Bay business community.

Thank you for your interest in Doubtless Bay Promotion Inc (DBPI). DBPI is the official tourism and business promotion group for Doubtless Bay. DBPI is a non-profit incorporated society. In addition to this Doubtless Bay website, DBPI also operates the Doubtless Bay Information Centre in Mangonui, maintains the Mangonui Heritage Trail and produces the Doubtless Bay Visitor Guide found in most tourism venues in the Far North.

Our aims are to encourage and develop tourism and business in our area.

Membership of DBPI gives the opportunity for advertising and display in the Doubtless Bay Information Centre and on this website. This website has been designed to reflect the requirements of the members of DBPI and to provide an official community website for the whole of the Doubtless Bay area.

Officers and committee for 2020 - 2021

Chairman: Danny Simms
Vice-chairman: Jesse Murupaenga
Honorary Treasurer: Stewart Russell
Committee Secretary: Diane Simpson
Committee member: Ian Ivey
Committee member: Ben Kerr
Committee member: Rosemary Archibald
Committee member: Gerry Corden
Committee member: Gerard Scott
Committee member: Jodi Betts
Information Centre Manager: Cedric Poon
Facebook administrator: Ian Ivey
Website administrator: Martin Wale (ex officio)

If you are interested in joining DBPI, please download, complete and return the DBPI membership application form and one of our enthusiastic committee members will contact you.

Private and community/honorary members

Georgina and Clive Hill
Martyn Wells
Mangonui Community Library
Mangonui Cruising Club
Mangonui Lions Club
Mangonui School
NZ Fire Service, Mangonui
Ouraiti School
Somersault Event and Project Management
St John Ambulance
Taipa Area School
Te Hiku Community Board

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