Here is a selection from the huge number of safe bathing beaches awaiting you in Doubtless Bay.

Coopers Beach

A great expanse of unspoiled fine sand backed by rows of beautiful Pohutukawa trees.

Cable Bay

A beautiful pink-coral and golden sand beach with small lagoon and rock pools.

Taipa Bay

a pretty white-sand beach with safe swimming and excellent surf at times.

Tokerau Beach

On the Karikari Peninsula - a good beach to gather shellfish for supper and warm water for swimming. Frequently excellent surf and fine for blokarting and kite surfing.

Matai Bay

At the northern tip of the Karikari Peninsula, here is one of New Zealand's most beautiful bays - are two beautiful crescent-shaped sandy beaches. The northern beach is especially fine for bathing.


A sheltered fine white-sand beach on Rangaunu Harbour on the west coast of the Karikari Peninsula.

Taupo Bay

At the eastern end of Doubtless Bay, here is a white sand beach with crystal clear waters - one of our most popular surf spots.